#12614 NORM 4-softw: loss of keyboard, touchpad and touchscreen response

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#12614: loss of keyboard, touchpad and touchscreen response
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Comment(by pgf):

 on richard's testbed, running os2, we've seen two machines with differing
 subsets of the above.  they may or may not be related bugs:

  - one machine lost keyboard, but kept touchscreen and touchpad.  we
 didn't do as much diagnosis as we could have, unfortunately.

  - the other machine lost touchpad, but not touchscreen or keyboard.
 turning on olpc_keyboard debug mode showed that data was being received
 for the touchpad.  evtest of the touchpad produced nothing.  stopped
 kbdshim, and evtest of the raw touchpad _did_ produce events.  restarted
 kbdshim, and the touchpad was healthy.

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