#12631 NORM Future : Optimize g_typelib_get_dir_entry_by_gtype

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Tue Mar 19 14:27:24 EDT 2013

#12631: Optimize g_typelib_get_dir_entry_by_gtype
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Comment(by dsd):

 This pygobject optimization kills a load of useless calls to

 And this gobject-introspection optimization makes
 g_typelib_get_dir_entry_by_gtype fall even further off the map of what
 perf shows as CPU-eaters:

 Now Sugar starts approximately:
  * 5 seconds faster on XO-1
  * 3 seconds faster on XO-1.5
  * 3 seconds faster on XO-1.75
  * 1.5 seconds faster on XO-4

 and it will also represent a small performance improvement of activity
 startup and general usage.

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