#12615 NORM Not Tri: Keybaord and Touchpad wakesup can hang an XO4 13.1.0-36

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#12615: Keybaord and Touchpad wakesup can hang an XO4 13.1.0-36
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 On my testbed of 6 C1 1Ghz machine a wakeup generated from the keyboard or
 the touchpad hangs Linux.  This appears to be the same hang that the
 release of EC 0.4.03 was supposed to fix.

 These machines have 13.1.0-36 installed on them and firmware upgraded to
 q7b24 which has EC 0.4.03

 I don't have a 100% duplication method because it does not seem to
 duplicate on the machine that I have console and EC serial on.  Only my
 testbed machines and after I did a full power cycle on the machines I
 could no longer reproduce the hang.

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