#12604 NORM Not Tri: mwifiex or XO-4 may stop scanning for APs

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#12604: mwifiex or XO-4 may stop scanning for APs
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 1. Connect a XO-4 with 13.1.0 os35 and a different XO model (or different
 laptop) to the first Ad-hoc network in Sugar.  (Potentially any network
 would work.)
  2. Use the XO-4 a bit for collaboration and other purposes that were not
 all networking related.
  3. After a while Sugar's network view may show no APs.  But pinging other
 devices on the network will work (so long as they are awake to resolve
 ARP).  "Running 'iw dev eth0 scan'" as root will report that the device or
 resource is busy (error -16).

 Restarting NetworkManager tends to solve the issue.

 I have only seen this twice across several builds so I don't know what
 causes this.

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