#12715 NORM 13.2.0: xo-1.75 13.2.0 runin "scheduling while atomic"

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Wed Jun 26 21:28:39 EDT 2013

#12715: xo-1.75 13.2.0 runin "scheduling while atomic"
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Comment(by Quozl):

 The runin logs show normal operation from 22:39:35 UTC, to 18:09:57 UTC.

 At 47589.466578 the first alignment traps are reported in kern.log

 Core files of /usr/lib/systemd/systemd were created in /versions/run/7
 until the disk is full, a total of 2.8 GB on a 4 GB eMMC in 1829 files, of
 which 730 were empty.  As the pid increases, the file size increases, in
 steps every three or four pids.

 At 47818.806333 the last alignment trap is reported in kern.log

 Serial console showed alignment traps continued.

 18:11 the first core files of systemd are timestamped,

 Between 18:09:57 and 18:14:18 the accelerometer test failed due to
 insufficient scheduling (Alarm clock).

 18:14:18 the runin-tests script declared failure and began saving logs.

 18:15:46 the runin did exit.

 18:30 the last core files of systemd are timestamped.

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