#11793 NORM 12.1.0: Battery light flashes red on 100% charge

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Wed Jun 19 21:58:18 EDT 2013

#11793: Battery light flashes red on 100% charge
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Comment(by rsmith):

 Replying to [comment:19 peasthope]:

 > > When you get a flashing red ...
 > OK, flashing red this morning.  The screen is dark but pointer or
 keyboard input wakes it.  The log started running last evening, is dated
 130521 and is attached.

 Sadly 130521 isn't very useful.  It only has 3 lines of data in it.  Odd
 since even if the laptop was suspended the 1% battery ticks should have
 woken up the system an eventually caused it to log more readings.

 > > ... please follow this sequence:
 > > Plug up external power and stop at OFW by pressing the esc key when
 you hear the startup sound.  Then at the ofw 'ok' prompt run 'watch-
 battery' ...

 You didn't quite do enough.  The error is printed when watch-battery
 _exits_.  Thats what I want.  After you run watch-battery hit a key to
 make it stop and then see what error it prints.

 > > Make a note of the error and then remove all power from the laptop
 both external power and the battery.  Then only connect up external power
 (no battery) boot the laptop up to terminal and stop powerd 'sudo service
 powerd stop' then run 'olpc-pwr-log'. It will wait for you to insert the
 > >
 > > Insert the battery and let it charge.
 > Yellow switched to green not immediately but after minutes.  I was busy
 and didn't watch.  The log started this morning, dated 130522 and is also

 If 130522 really is the log resulting from the above procedure then it
 indicates that not very much of your battery was discharged before power
 was connected.  130522 shows a charging profile of a battery that was very
 close to full.  Nothing unusual.

 I don't see how that could be the case if the XO was powered up all night.
 Something doesn't match.

 Lets fix your ACR register though so we get good ACR readings.  Yours has
 run up to the limit where it stop.  Please do the following at the ok

 ok 0 bg-acr!

 Then remove all power and continue on as normal.

 I guess I still need more data since I don't see anything that would cause
 a red flash yet.  Once you actually get the error from the watch-battery
 exit then that will give me more to go on.

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