#12616 NORM 13.2.0: Makey Makey board not recognized by HID on XO-4

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Thu Jun 6 00:20:43 EDT 2013

#12616: Makey Makey board not recognized by HID on XO-4
           Reporter:  mike_lee  |       Owner:  dsd          
               Type:  defect    |      Status:  new          
           Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  13.2.0       
          Component:  distro    |     Version:  not specified
         Resolution:            |    Keywords:               
        Next_action:  diagnose  |    Verified:  0            
Deployment_affected:            |   Blockedby:               
           Blocking:            |  

Comment(by Quozl):

 Workaround: stopping olpc-kbdshim fixes the symptom.

 sudo systemctl stop  olpc-kbdshim.service

 (Mike, this also disables keyboard and touchpad idle detection, rotate
 key, touchpad and arrow keys screen rotation support, grab scrolling key,
 volume keys, and brightness keys.  But at least the MaKey MaKey begins to

 Thanks Paul.  I've enabled debugging, by adding two -d options, and the
 resulting /var/log/messages output is:

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