#12727 NORM Not Tri: OFW doesn't follow x86 linux boot protocol

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Fri Jul 12 17:46:54 EDT 2013

#12727: OFW doesn't follow x86 linux boot protocol
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 I think OFW doesn't quite follow the steps described by the x86 boot

 New kernels (3.9 onwards) are detecting this through placing a 0xff
 sentinel in the zero page at address 0x1ef. That falls outside of the
 range of the data that should be loaded from the kernel image, instead it
 is part of the memory region that should have been zeroed out.

 The kernel boots and sees the sentinel value still in place and is not
 100% happy.

 I think these lines in cpu/x86/pc/linux.fth are responsible:

 : code16-size  ( -- #bytes )   load-base h# 1f1 + c@ 1+  d# 512 *   ;

    load-base  0 +lp  code16-size  move   \ Copy the 16-bit stuff
    loaded code16-size /string  linux-base  swap  move  \ Copy the 32-bit

 But I can't quite get my head around them. Given that the 2nd line above
 is effectively "copy memory from start of the loaded kernel image to the
 place where the boot parameters will go" I see that as a suspect - but I
 can't quite get my head around code16-size logic or what the final line

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