#11927 NORM Future : yum fills tmpfs when run as a user

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#11927: yum fills tmpfs when run as a user
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Yes, it is still an issue in 12.1.0 and won't be fixed in 12.1.0.  You
 must use a workaround; use ''sudo'' in front of every ''yum'' command.

 Tested on 13.2.0-12 on XO-4, XO-1.75: ''yum provides cheese'' fails with
 no space left on device, but ''sudo yum provides cheese'' works fine.

 There is no swap on OLPC OS.  You may add it if you desire, but it won't
 solve this problem.

 We don't want to increase the size of tmpfs, because this would reduce the
 memory available for other things, this system is intended for memory
 limited operation, and the number of users who need to use ''yum'' is very
 small.  Our standard update feature is implemented using ''olpc-update''
 rather than ''yum''.

 If you have a laptop deployment where ''yum'' will be used on a regular
 basis, you may want to adjust ''olpc-os-builder'' so that ''yum'' operates
 on a permanent filesystem rather than a tmpfs.

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