#11927 NORM Future : yum fills tmpfs when run as a user

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#11927: yum fills tmpfs when run as a user
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Comment(by SamuelRiv):

 I'd like to point out that in 12.1.0 this is still an issue. Is some part
 of this problem intrinsic to yum itself?

 Consider also increasing the size of tmpfs (ticket:9979). The space used
 when yum grabs repository info is about 30MB, while tmpfs is 50MB, so if
 someone makes the mistake (as I often do) of doing ''yum check-update''
 then ''sudo yum update x'', the same info will be downloaded twice, and
 yum will give an out-of-space error for the ''update'' command. After
 seeing that a few times, the average user will end up very grateful that
 the XO has such sturdy construction.

 By the way, the XO is not redirecting any of this to my swap. Shouldn't

 Increasing the size of tmpfs is a workaround, necessary not only because
 this is the most frustrating error I've seen as a novice, but also because
 repository files will only get bigger.

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