#12514 NORM Not Tri: Better description for lid switches test

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#12514: Better description for lid switches test
 Reporter:  sridhar              |                 Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com
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 When testing the XO hardware, users are frequently tripping up on the
 lid switches test.

 Right now, the text on the screen says this:

 Testing /switches
 Activate lid switch

 This is where our users get stumped: "what is a lid switch?" If they
 work out that they need to close the lid, when are they allowed to
 open it again?

 The next message is also problematic:

 Activate ebook switch

 What does this mean? When can the XO be taken out of e-book mode?

 How about we make the messages look more like this?

 Testing /switches
 Close the lid and open after 2 seconds
 Swivel the screen and close it into ebook mode

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