#12489 BLOC 4-softw: Bluetooth needs to be factory-testable

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#12489: Bluetooth needs to be factory-testable
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Comment(by Quozl):

 My mail was a response on 17th January to Quanta for a Linux based test to
 be used in final test phase.  The complete test was:

 Method: boot to Sugar or GNOME and enter Terminal activity, enable a
 mobile telephone bluetooth mode and place nearby, type these commands;

 sudo hciconfig hci0 up
 sudo hcitool scan

 If the device address of the mobile telephone is shown, then the test
 has passed.

 Note that last sentence, it forms a critical part of the test.  The test
 was designed to verify that the module, transmission line, and antenna
 were functioning.

 I don't think just producing an error or warning if no remote devices are
 found would be a test of anything much.  I'd like to see the test
 requirements clarified.

 (The additional modprobe is needed with current builds, and is harmless if
 the module is already present.)

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