#12497 NORM Not Tri: HDMI hotplug detect not working in Linux on SKU 296 unit

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#12497: HDMI hotplug detect not working in Linux on SKU 296 unit
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 I did some HDMI testing with a Samsung SA350 monitor and two XOs, one SKU
 295 & one SKU 296.

 If I used the SKU 295 (1 GHz) unit the insertation of the HDMI cable into
 the XO was detected even if the HDMI cable was not initially plugged in at
 the time the XO was powered on.  The XO then started display mirroring.

 With the SKU 296 (1.2 GHz) XO I was unable to get display mirroring to
 work unless the HDMI cable was plugged in to the XO prior to powering said
 XO on (before OFW & the Linux kernel had booted).  Messages from the Linux
 kernel acknowledged the HDMI cable was plugged in but no display mirroring

 The other side of the HDMI cable was left attached to the monitor during

 This could be a CPU speed issue, a tolerance issue, or some other quirk.

 Seen with 13.1.0 os26.

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