#12477 NORM 13.1.0: Wikipedia mark offline articles as online

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#12477: Wikipedia mark offline articles as online
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 The activity check if the links are in the list of articles available
 offline or not, after the page is displayed, because is a expensive
 operation. With javascript, request this information, and
 apply a class to change the color to green of the not available links.

 In my tests, a few times, the script updating the links didn't worked, and
 articles not available offline are blue when should be green.

 One case: (Spanish wikipedia) in the article "Cristianismo", in the first
 paragraph, the link "Antiguo testamento" is blue, but if the xo is
 offline, show a error: "Cannot resolve hostname (es.wikipedia.org)"
 because tried to get from the online version.

 Is a difficult to reproduce issue.

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