#12405 NORM Not Tri: [CL4] When you drawing circle very fast in Paint, the shape of circle is polygonal.

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#12405: [CL4] When you drawing circle very fast in Paint, the shape of circle is
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Comment(by godiard):

 Replying to [comment:8 dsd]:
 > This version regresses for me. Quite often after drawing with the brush,
 a good portion of the drawing disappears from screen. This can be
 reproduced (not every time, but often) with: draw a circle, but when you
 complete the circle, draw another one, approximately on top of the first,
 and carry on going until you have drawn 9 or so. Do this quite fast. When
 you let go of the mouse button at the very end, some of the drawing
 disappears until you move the mouse over it again.
 > Once that happens, move the mouse cursor somewhere else on the screen
 and then without moving any more, perform a single click and release (to
 draw just a single lone dot). A whole line is drawn from the original end
 point to the place where you tried to draw a dot.

 Thanks for the detailed description. This is a different issue, and I am
 able to reproduce it with Paint-54 too (and more often probably). Will
 look at this, I don't know if will be available for the next image.

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