#12451 NORM Not Tri: CForth awakes after a suspend cycle

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#12451: CForth awakes after a suspend cycle
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 On an XO-4 C1 (SKU298), running Q7B10, EC 0.3.07, and 13.1.0 build 22, I
 see strange behavior on the serial port after a resume.

 This system has Wifi disabled by blacklisting the mwifiex and btmrvl

 I boot it into sugar.  The serial port shows Linux console output and
 provides a Linux prompt.  The CForth serial port (second port) is inactive
 (it shows the CForth banner from boot).  I let the system go into sleep
 normally.   When I wake it, the serial port shows the Linux serial console
 information, but if a return key is pressed the OK prompt shows instead of
 the Linux prompt.  Typing banner shows that it is the CForth prompt, and
 not the OFW one.  The second serial ports starts mirroring what is
 typed/output on the main serial port.

 The Linux system will continue to operate (suspend/resume) fine, but the
 serial port will be unusable.

 This problem has been seen frequently, but maddeningly difficult to
 reproduce at will.  It is not specific to the the first suspend.

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