#12438 NORM Not Tri: XO-1.5 text misrendering in langauge dropdown

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#12438: XO-1.5 text misrendering in langauge dropdown
 Reporter:  greenfeld        |                 Owner:  jnettlet                         
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 Priority:  normal           |             Milestone:  Not Triaged                      
Component:  x window system  |               Version:  Development build as of this date
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 1. Start Sugar and go to the Language Control Panel .
  2. Click on the langauge dropdown and take an initial look.  One or more
 entries may be missing text.
  3. Scroll the down list a bit and pause (you may have close and re-open
 the list to do this; known Sugar issue) and note that the languages while
 scrolling lack most of their names being shown.  After stopping you may
 see one or more entries (usually including the top one) missing text.
 Moving the mouse to highlight a new entry may cause most if not all of the
 missing text to be painted.
  4. Changing languages to see the list in different languages may lead to
 interesting effects - when the OS is set to use Armenian, most if not all
 of the Armenian strings in the language list may be blank space instead of
 Unicode text.

 Seen in 13.1.0 os22.

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