#12432 NORM 13.1.0: /sbin/ifconfig frozen in xo-4 with os21

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Wed Jan 2 16:27:06 EST 2013

#12432: /sbin/ifconfig frozen in xo-4 with os21
           Reporter:  godiard       |       Owner:  shep  
               Type:  defect        |      Status:  new   
           Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  13.1.0
          Component:  not assigned  |     Version:  4-C1  
         Resolution:                |    Keywords:        
        Next_action:  diagnose      |    Verified:  0     
Deployment_affected:                |   Blockedby:        
           Blocking:                |  

Comment(by Quozl):

 Yesterday I saw something similar; ''tcpdump'' was left running on serial
 console, and it was working fine, but when I stopped it the summary was
 printed but the process would not exit.  ps showed status D for
 ''tcpdump'', and for an instance of ''ethtool'' forked by ''powerd''.

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