#12577 NORM Not Tri: Runin wlan softfail checks may be too conservative

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Mon Feb 25 13:33:04 EST 2013

#12577: Runin wlan softfail checks may be too conservative
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 I tried installing runin-0.21.2 on top of os31.  But then all my XO-4s
 started failing runin on the wlan test with DEVL runin within an hour of
 starting it.

 The failures are due to the softfail checks introduced to runin by
 91f908cac9979abe14c13f5f5dd730dee6af1948 .  There is no particular check
 that is constantly failing; they all seem to randomly fail.

 From IRC Richard feels that the current checks may be too conservative,
 and that it may be worth resetting the softfail count after a successful
 command occurs.

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