#12491 HIGH 13.1.0: Implement vMeta for XO-4

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Fri Feb 22 08:47:00 EST 2013

#12491: Implement vMeta for XO-4
           Reporter:  dsd     |       Owner:  jnettlet     
               Type:  defect  |      Status:  new          
           Priority:  high    |   Milestone:  13.1.0       
          Component:  kernel  |     Version:  not specified
         Resolution:          |    Keywords:               
        Next_action:  code    |    Verified:  0            
Deployment_affected:          |   Blockedby:               
           Blocking:          |  
Changes (by greenfeld):

  * next_action:  never set => code


 The XO-4 Linux kernel still needs vmeta devices added as of 13.1.0 os30.

 /dev/pmem_adsp and /dev/uio0 should be present.

 If the vmeta software libraries are present and these devices are not, the
 failure to use them can be somewhat subtle (fallback to software codecs).

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