#12572 NORM Not Tri: "Alt +1" screenshots are partially blackened on XO-4 on build 30

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Thu Feb 21 12:50:05 EST 2013

#12572: "Alt +1" screenshots are partially blackened on XO-4 on build 30
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 Please see the attached screenshot of the 'blackened' screenshot.

 Other notes ::

 Things worked fine on build 21 for XO-4.

 Things always work fine for other platforms (tested on XO-1.75) for build
 21 AND build 30.

 If xorg-x11-drv-dove is upgraded from 0.3.5-7 to 0.3.5-8 on build 21 of
 XO-4, the issue starts happening on build 21 too.

 If xorg-x11-drv-dove is downgraded from 0.3.5-8 to 0.3.5-7 on build 30 of
 XO-4, sugar fails to boot.

 All in all, xorg-x11-drv-dove (version 8) is the culprit; however,
 downgrading it to version-7 causes the XO-4 to do not boot.

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