#12554 NORM 13.1.0: 8787 loses wakeup ping

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Fri Feb 15 16:01:23 EST 2013

#12554: 8787 loses wakeup ping
 Reporter:  dsd     |                 Owner:  shep         
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 Priority:  normal  |             Milestone:  13.1.0       
Component:  kernel  |               Version:  not specified
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 Testing 13.1.0 build 30 on XO-4 C1 with 8787/mwifiex.

 On another system, waking the XO with:
 ping -c 1 <ip>

 causes the XO to wake up, but a ping response is never received.

 This is a regression over libertas/8686, where the system wakes up and
 provides a ping response. It could be harmful to our idle suspend
 experience (assuming this affects more than just icmp pings).

 Using tcpdump on the XO, I can see that the ping does actually arrive, but
 no response is transmitted. Need to figure out what is happening there.

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