#12549 NORM Not Tri: eToys cannot record audio on XO-4

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#12549: eToys cannot record audio on XO-4
 Reporter:  greenfeld       |                 Owner:  bert                             
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 Priority:  normal          |             Milestone:  Not Triaged                      
Component:  etoys-activity  |               Version:  Development build as of this date
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 1. Start eToys on a XO-4 in 13.1.0 os29.
  2. Using the touchpad, click "Make a new project".
  3. Click on "Supplies" (Open Chest with the double arrow).
  4. Click on "Sound Recorder".
  5. Drag the recorder to the canvas and click once to put it into place.
  6. Click on "Record" and make some noise.  The sound meter will not move,
 or if it does move it does not move much.
  7. Click on "Stop".
  8. Click on "Play".  Nothing will be heard.

 There is also the possibility with step #8 that eToys may claim the
 recording is corrupt; but I could not reproduce this again while writing
 this ticket.

 This is potentially related to Scratch's current inability to record
 (#12498) as eToys also uses Squeak.

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