#11474 NORM 1.5-fir: save-mfg-data difficulties on XO-1.5

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Mon Feb 11 11:01:22 EST 2013

#11474: save-mfg-data difficulties on XO-1.5
           Reporter:  dsd                  |       Owner:  Quozl                                       
               Type:  defect               |      Status:  reopened                                    
           Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:  1.5-firmware                                
          Component:  ofw - open firmware  |     Version:  1.75/1.5/1.0 Software Build os883 aka 11.3.0
         Resolution:                       |    Keywords:                                              
        Next_action:  no action            |    Verified:  0                                           
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Changes (by wad):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  fixed =>


 Still broken on XO-1.5.

 Testing with Q3C10, it not only creates a zero length file, it crashes
 both OFW and the EC.   Powering off requires removing both the battery and
 the DC power.

 Neither inserting the key before booting nor using Mitch's work-around
 have any effect.   In all cases it prints:

  Creating u:\SHC02602.624
  Can't create file

 and hangs hard.

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