#12535 HIGH 13.1.0: High CPU usage prevents suspend

Zarro Boogs per Child bugtracker at laptop.org
Fri Feb 8 12:28:55 EST 2013

#12535: High CPU usage prevents suspend
 Reporter:  dsd              |                 Owner:  jnettlet     
     Type:  defect           |                Status:  new          
 Priority:  high             |             Milestone:  13.1.0       
Component:  x window system  |               Version:  not specified
 Keywords:                   |           Next_action:  never set    
 Verified:  0                |   Deployment_affected:               
Blockedby:                   |              Blocking:               
 13.1.0 build 28 is reported to suspend less often than normal, due to CPU
 usage being too high. The main suspect here is the new graphics driver.

 Sam will verify that running the old graphics driver on the new build
 makes the problem go away.

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