#12738 NORM Future : XO-4 battery capacity test: shutdown after discharge

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#12738: XO-4 battery capacity test:  shutdown after discharge
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 the factory uses the olpc-batcap script from
 http://dev.laptop.org/git/users/rsmith/olpc-pwrlogs/ to test samples of
 new battery deliveries to ensure they meet specification.

 the tests have worked fine on XO-1.75.  because the tests may also be used
 with NiMH batteries at some point, the tests were ported to XO-4.

 for the most part, they run fine.  sometimes one or more (sometimes even
 all) of the laptops running the test at the factory (testing sample size
 is 12) will shutdown at the end of the discharge cycle, rather than
 charging again.

 a race that could cause this was noticed and fixed in EC 4.11, but didn't
 fix the problem.

 most recent comments from richard:

 From:    "Richard A. Smith" <richard at laptop.org>
 Subject: Re: FW: OLPC battery IQC test result
 In-Reply-To: <520838E8.8090409 at laptop.org>

 On 08/11/2013 09:22 PM, Richard A. Smith wrote:
 > On 08/11/2013 09:17 PM, Chia-Hsiu Chang (張嘉修) wrote:
 >> Dear Paul,
 >>          Total 3171 pcs, result is PASS.
 >>          But only discharge logs because all shutdown after discharge
 >> test.
 > This is a problem.  I don't think Paul has been able to duplicate this
 > so we don't understand why its happening.
 > Chia-Hsiu:  Have you duplicated this or does it only happen at the

 Looking at the logs I have a theory.  The laptop is getting shutdown
 before the test would normally stop.  The test is set to stop at a
 battery voltage of 5.2V but none of the test runs get that low. Most of
 them stop at close to 6.0V with an SOC of 1%.

 I think something it shutting the system down when the SOC changes to
 0%.  Powerd does that but powerd is supposed to be stopped when this
 test is run.  Perhaps thats not working correctly in the script.

 Paul:  Check that the script is properly stopping powerd in 13.2.0 build

 Richard A. Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
 Former One Laptop per Child


 i will check the powerd theory later today.

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