#12655 NORM Not Tri: [CL4]The Bluetooth test in OFW is not stable.

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#12655: [CL4]The Bluetooth test in OFW is not stable.
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Changes (by Quozl):

 * cc: Chia-Hsiu.Chang at quantatw.com (added)


 You may also increase the duration:

 ok dev /bluetooth  patch 8 4 send-inquiry  dend

 The program sends an inquiry command to the wireless module firmware.  The
 source code for sending the command looks like this:
 : send-inquiry  ( -- )
    giac +x$          \ General Inquiry LAC
    d# 4 +xb          \ 4 * 1.28 seconds
    d# 16 +xb         \ #responses
    h# 401 )cmd

 It seems from my testing and yours, that #responses is the number of
 responses received that will terminate the command, and that if these
 responses are not received the timeout (4 * 1.28 = 5.12 seconds) is used

 Or to put it another way, the inquiry command terminates when:
  * the timeout is reached, or
  * the number of responses is reached,
 whichever occurs first.

 On the factory floor, the number of responses is probably large.

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