#12647 NORM Not Tri: systemd default.target symlink points to /olpc-os-builder/....

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Sun Apr 7 08:14:35 EDT 2013

#12647: systemd default.target symlink points to /olpc-os-builder/....
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 I have not observed any ill side effects, but the
 /etc/systemd/system/default.target symlink points to something that was
 only available during image creation:

     [olpc at xo-74-34-71 ~]$ ls -l /etc/systemd/system/default.target
     lrwxrwxrwx 2 root root 88 Nov  2  2007
 /etc/systemd/system/default.target -> /olpc-os-builder/build/imgcreate-

 This is on a XO-1.75 running the latest 13.2.0 release.

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