#12646 NORM Not Tri: VoIP Twinkle crashes when the connection is established.

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#12646: VoIP Twinkle crashes when the connection is established.
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 Twinkle worked in Gnome in release 11.3.1 with no significant problems.
 In OLPC 12.1.0 Twinkle 1.4.2 crashes immediately when the connection is
 established.  Prior to the connection being established no problem is

 In Debian Squeeze, Twinkle 1.4.2 works with no problems.  So the problem
 appears to be peculiar to OLPC 12.1.0, Build 21 (which doesn't match
 anything in the drop-down), Q3C07.

 That's all the information I have for now.  If anyone has a question or
 instruction, just email peasthope at shaw dot ca.

 Regards,              ... Peter E.

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