#12131 NORM Not Tri: usb network adapter disables internal wifi

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#12131: usb network adapter disables internal wifi
           Reporter:  jvonau      |       Owner:  dsd                     
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          Component:  olpc-utils  |     Version:  Software Build 12.1.0-21
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Comment(by jvonau):

 Replying to [comment:2 dsd]:
 > I can't reproduce this here, based on a first and second boot of
 12.1.0-21 on XO-1.5 on an unsecured laptop.

 George Hunt and myself were seeing this on XO-1.75s with a wired USB
 network adaptor.

 > I don't see any immediate reason why renaming this file would make any
 difference - do you have an explanation for exactly why you think this
 would help?

 The usb network adaptor is found before the internal WiFi then the
 60-net.rules are run where hotplug brings up the interface as eth0. The 70
 -olpc-net.rules at is point can't rename eth0 to something else as the
 interface is already active and the internal WiFi is called rename3 in
 /sys/class/net as eth0 has already been claimed. This rule used to be
 /etc/udev/rules.d/10-olpc-net.rules in F14's olpc-utils.

 > When you reproduced this, was it by any chance the first boot of a
 secured laptop, and the activation process kicked in to find a lease
 before the boot completed? If not, can you detail the exact scenario?

 No security, once you setup the usb adaptor with static addressing using
 NetworkManager's connection editor the problem starts to occur.

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