#12113 NORM Not Tri: On XO-4, test /touchscreen should not timeout w. TS = SHIP

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Tue Sep 18 22:47:47 EDT 2012

#12113: On XO-4, test /touchscreen should not timeout w. TS = SHIP
 Reporter:  wad                  |                 Owner:  quozl                            
     Type:  defect               |                Status:  new                              
 Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  Not Triaged                      
Component:  ofw - open firmware  |               Version:  Development build as of this date
 Keywords:                       |           Next_action:  code                             
 Verified:  0                    |   Deployment_affected:                                   
Blockedby:                       |              Blocking:                                   
 When testing the touchscreen under OFW on an XO-4, it is very annoying to
 have finally captured an erroneous touch, and then have it disappear
 before being able to photograph it.

 This timeout is necessary when testing on the factory floor, as it allows
 a fail to be indicated if no touches are detected over thirty seconds.

 Can we please not timeout from test /touchscreen if the TS tag is set to

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