#12107 NORM Not Tri: Unbootable initramfs in secure mode

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Sun Sep 16 16:21:36 EDT 2012

#12107: Unbootable initramfs in secure mode
 Reporter:  dsd                  |                 Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com
     Type:  defect               |                Status:  new              
 Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  Not Triaged      
Component:  ofw - open firmware  |               Version:  not specified    
 Keywords:                       |           Next_action:  never set        
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 We've found an initramfs that prevents the system from booting from the
 secure boot path (i.e. when it is read from a zip file). XO-1.75 running

 The system doesn't boot - it hangs with OFW still on screen. Serial shows
 the only kernel message:
 Warning: Neither atags nor dtb found

 Here is the failing initramfs:

 The system can boot from the same initramfs (unzip it...) with no

 I'm testing this against 13.1.0 build 2, but I guess pretty much any build
 will work. Put these 2 files in /bootpart/boot:
  * http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/20120916/build2-failing/runos.zip
  * http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/20120916/build2-failing/runrd.zip

 Now boot with:
 false to require-signatures?
 " \boot"   pn-buf place
 " int:" load-from-list drop

 If I repack the 12.1.0 released kernel/initramfs using the same method,
 the system boots OK.
  * http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/20120916/12.1.0-working/runos.zip
  * http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/20120916/12.1.0-working/runrd.zip

 I have verified that it doesn't matter which runos.zip is used - the
 problem is triggered when the new runrd.zip is put in place, and doesn't
 occur with the 12.1.0 released one.

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