#12080 HIGH Not Tri: CL4 - RUNIN - RUNIN tarball useless

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Thu Sep 6 09:19:15 EDT 2012

#12080: CL4 - RUNIN - RUNIN tarball useless
           Reporter:  chia-hsiu              |       Owner:  martin.langhoff
               Type:  defect                 |      Status:  new            
           Priority:  high                   |   Milestone:  Not Triaged    
          Component:  manufacturing process  |     Version:  4-A2           
         Resolution:                         |    Keywords:                 
        Next_action:  never set              |    Verified:  0              
Deployment_affected:                         |   Blockedby:                 
           Blocking:                         |  

Comment(by martin.langhoff):

 Hi Chia-Hsiu ~ thanks for the detailed but report. We have diagnosed the
 bug and we are fixing it. In the meantime, one possible workaround is to
 use "runin.tar.gz":

    copy u:\runin.tgz int:\runin\runin.tar.gz

 We suspect that this problem also affects the 12.1.0 OS release that we
 will soon request qualification for.

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