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#12089: Documentation of LEDs.
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 The LEDs are not mentioned in several documents where information would be
 appropriate while information in other documents is inconsistent.
 Specific observations follow.  Given reliable information, I can correct
 some of the deficiencies and errors but most of the documents are not

 Regards,           ... Peter E.

 LEDs are not labeled.

 LEDs are not labeled.

 LEDs at lower left are labeled "Wireless acquisition" and "Wireless

 "A storage indicator is built into the XO-1.5 and XO-1.75. It is the
 second LED on the left."

 LEDs at lower left are labelled "Storage Access" and "Wifi Access".

 During installation of 12.1.0 on a XO-1.5 the inverted thermometer remains
 dark and the parenthesized dot flashes.  Presumably storage is accessed
 and not wireless.

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