#12086 NORM Not Tri: Include full dejavu fontsets instead of lgc subsets for 13.1.0

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Tue Sep 4 23:03:46 EDT 2012

#12086: Include full dejavu fontsets instead of lgc subsets for 13.1.0
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 We keep debating including full font sets instead of the
 Latin/Greek/Cryllic subsets.  The difference in size is believed to be
 only a few MB, and only the three dejavu font RPMs seem to be artificially

 Historically this has led to languages included in our OS image which
 could not be displayed due to a lack of available fonts.  With 13.1.0
 languages like Arabic and Chinese display properly, so either a different
 default font is used in Sugar, or fallback logic is catching missing
 characters in said fonts and choosing a different one.

 The one potentially risky case is 2 GB XO-1.5 machines where our stock OS
 images tend to provide less than 200 MB of available free space.

 But other than that we could potentially afford the few extra MB to put
 this issue to rest.

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