#12077 LOW 13.1.0: XO-1 lid sensor incorrectly reads as closed after Linux reboot

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Sun Sep 2 21:04:12 EDT 2012

#12077: XO-1 lid sensor incorrectly reads as closed after Linux reboot
 Reporter:  Quozl                |                 Owner:  Quozl   
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 Priority:  low                  |             Milestone:  13.1.0  
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 The lid sensor will read as closed, despite the lid being open, after
 Linux reboot and restart of Open Firmware.

 Method to reproduce:
  * use Q2F12 or later,
  * use any build,
  * select reboot in Linux,
  * use the escape key to enter Open Firmware,
  * quickly type ''lid-off'' to disable the automatic power down,
  * type ''lid? .'' to view the lid sensor status.

 Does not occur if the unit is turned on using the power button.

 The lid sensor is attached to both the EC and a main CPU GPIO.  It may be
 that the EC is not managing the pin correctly after reboot.

 The problem was exposed by an Open Firmware change to pay attention to the
 lid switch.  (#11095).

 Reproduced by Kevin Gordon with builds 711, 802, 860, 874, 883, 885 and
 12.1.0 build 21, with firmware q2f12.  Other firmware versions in the same
 test were q2e45, q2e48, q2f05, q2f09, q2f10, q2f11, q2f12, and q2f13.

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