#12224 HIGH Not Tri: Disconnect wireless, absent time [OLPC 13.* latest build os7]

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Sun Oct 21 19:52:12 EDT 2012

#12224: Disconnect wireless, absent time [OLPC 13.* latest build os7]
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 I have XO-1.75 with OLPC 13.* development build (os7 latest build), and I
 have problem with wireless connection.

 When I absent (afk) few minutes to go, with Power supply disabled of my
 XO. Wireless network is disconnected :S.

 But I can not back connect to my network, and cannot do sudo dhclient
 eth0. I asked on #olpc channel on Freenodo network.

 An user said me: unload and load wireless card network. (is libertas and
 libertas_sdio) and works so fine. However, few minutes afk come back to
 take down...

 sudo rmmod libertas_sdio
 sudo rmmod libertas
 sudo modprobe libertas_sdio
 sudo modprobe libertas

 With this is reconnect fine... :(

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