#12182 NORM 4-hardw: XO-4 B1 power LED green emission missing

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Sat Oct 13 14:53:28 EDT 2012

#12182: XO-4 B1 power LED green emission missing
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Comment(by greenfeld):

 Local tracing of my affected unit suggest that either the front green LED
 (of the dual green/red battery charging status LED5 indicator) is broken,
 or one of the solder joints/traces attached to said green LED is damaged.

 The front red LED in the same assembly works properly.  The equivalent
 rear green and red LEDs that show battery charging status in the rear back
 panel both operate correctly when stimulated via a DMM in diode mode.  The
 rear red LED in LED13 can be stimulated through the front panel but not
 the rear green LED in the same assembly.

 Photos of the circuit board regions in question:
  * http://dev.laptop.org/~greenfeld/temp/xo-4/ledcheck-front.jpg
  * http://dev.laptop.org/~greenfeld/temp/xo-4/ledcheck-rear.jpg

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