#12129 NORM Not Tri: Strange filenames used in XO-4 secure boot path

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#12129: Strange filenames used in XO-4 secure boot path
           Reporter:  dsd                  |       Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com
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Comment(by dsd):

 You're right - putting myself in your shoes and trying to write that wiki
 page made me get to grips with the situation. The decisions on what to
 support or not seem fairly arbitrary but it isn't as easy as it appears to
 come up with a final decision.

 Anyway, I gave it some thought, thinking about what would be the cleanest
 and most logical solution, and came up with this:

 The principles of this design are:
  * It does what makes sense first and by default - it looks for machine-
 suffixed filenames
  * It falls back on the old system for backwards compatibility, and for
 convenience (e.g. 1 collection stick filename works for all laptop models)

 The changes needed in bundle-present? are:
  * Always look for the version-suffixed filename first
  * Always fall back on the unversioned names, even on XO-4

 The original headache caused by #12091 is gone, since more recent software
 builds don't include the firmware image that caused the
 confusion/conflict. So it is safe to reinstate support for the bootfw.zip
 name in new firmware builds.

 Also, as part of this, I have modified the OS build system to produce
 version-suffixed filenames (plus compat symlinks for XO-1/XO-1.5). So
 actually with that fix and your firmware fix, the original issue that
 caused me to open this bug is gone, but if you would like the opportunity
 to solidify and document this scheme, here it is :)

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