#11877 NORM Future : device permissions for USB devices should be more permissive

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Mon Oct 1 12:24:24 EDT 2012

#11877: device permissions for USB devices should be more permissive
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Comment(by pgf):

 given the additional complexity of the solution, i agree.

 in the meantime, are we sure that all "interesting" devices are covered by
 the status quo?  i think we've
 been delaying adding new specific ID pairs to udev, on the assumption that
 we'd open up permissions greatly.

 we should ensure that all the known lego devices are covered.
 the butia (sp?) robotics group may have IDs they'd like added.  and
 perhaps the xo-stick/xordiuno
 boards would like to use a unique ID of some sort?

 cc'ing cscott for xorduino.  i can do another cross-check on all the lego
 devices we have in-house at twine.  not sure if Butia is cc'ed or not.

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