#12266 NORM Not Tri: "Data Abort" errors and other troubles trying to do fs-update on 4-B1

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#12266: "Data Abort" errors and other troubles trying to do fs-update on 4-B1
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 We sent one XO-4 B1 to John Rhodes in late October.  I sent him e-mail
 instructions how to first flash q7b04 firmware, and then do an fs-update
 to 13.1.0/os8/xo-4/31008o4.zd. He sent us e-mail reporting trouble with


 I've tried multiple times now with a few different USB drives but the
 update of the file system never seems to complete properly.  I usually get
 an error like this:

 WARNING:  The file said highest block 15528 but wrote only as high as
 block 8549

 Sometimes this ends earlier to around 2900 or 2800 bytes written or
 sometimes shows a "Data Abort" error.

 I have one other USB drive I'll try out right now but I'm not sure this is
 the issue.  I also verified that 31008o4.zd has the correct MD5 hash.


 He later reported he got it to work on the tenth attempt.   Nevertheless,
 we'd like this laptop back for further testing.    On November 1st wad
 shipped him a replacement laptop and asked him to ship the first laptop
 back when he gets the replacement.

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