#11894 NORM 12.1.0: Please update TurtleBlocks to Version 140

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Thu May 24 21:45:55 EDT 2012

#11894: Please update TurtleBlocks to Version 140
 Reporter:  walter              |                 Owner:  walter       
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 Priority:  normal              |             Milestone:  12.1.0       
Component:  turtleart-activity  |               Version:  not specified
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 * New translations

 * Blank out coordinate display when data are invalid (#3599)
 * Import CalledProcessError in audiograb.py
 * Release audio device on stop/clear


 * Autohide blocks when running program from "Rabbit"
 * Autoshow blocks on Stop or Error
 * Move Show-Blocks button to Stop-Turtle button on main toolbar
 * Add --run flag to GNOME version for autorun on launch
 * New plugin strings
 * New translations
 (with help from Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn and Andres Aguirre)

 * Fix spacing of GNOME toolbar
 * Use black list instead of white list to specify when to not
   right-justify the Stop button (#3574).
 * Expose white list for blocks that can take either string or numeric
 * Reset default background color on clean/erase
 * Properly update turtle coordinates on View toolbar

 v139 has been out for awhile and has had testing by members of the
 learning team and extensive testing by the Butia team.

 v140 has a small change to improve audio handling and updated translations
 for Spanish

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