#11867 HIGH 12.1.0: occasional failure to wake from sleep using rtcwake

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Thu May 17 20:59:55 EDT 2012

#11867: occasional failure to wake from sleep using rtcwake
           Reporter:  Quozl      |       Owner:  pgf                              
               Type:  defect     |      Status:  new                              
           Priority:  high       |   Milestone:  12.1.0                           
          Component:  kernel     |     Version:  Development build as of this date
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        Next_action:  never set  |    Verified:  0                                
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Replying to [comment:2 dsd]:
 > The failed suspend seems to take about 15 seconds. Long, but do you
 think that exceeds the wakeup time set by rtcwake which generally seems to
 be about 240 seconds?

 Don't know.  Wasn't using an external reference clock.  Yes, after sync of
 filesystems for 102 seconds, the affected cycle 17 took an additional 15
 seconds.  Still, 117 seconds is far short of the 240 seconds used as
 argument to rtcwake.  I have no idea what time elapsed between rtcwake
 setting the alarm registers and the completion of the suspend, except that
 it is greater than 117 seconds.

 > Do the affected cycles always print errors such as "olpc-ec:  timeout
 waiting for EC accept data!" after resuming with the keyboard?

 It does appear in the two cases logged after the resume.

 However, that message appears in the kernel log more frequently than the
 number of keyboard interaction periods that I recall.

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