#11842 NORM 12.1.0: audacity microphone monitor shows only one channel input

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Wed May 9 00:35:06 EDT 2012

#11842: audacity microphone monitor shows only one channel input
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 Ensure no external microphone is connected.  Ensure GNOME is the active
 desktop.  Start audacity.  Dismiss the warning (#11741).  On the arrow
 button below the microphone monitor bar graph, click, and select ''Start
 monitoring''.  Generate ambient noise.  Note how the graph only shows
 either the right or the left channel input.  It should show both input
 channels at once.  Record some ambient noise.  Note how the captured
 signal is only on one channel.  Play back the capture.  Note how the
 output monitor level graph shows the opposite channel to what was shown by
 the input monitor level graph.

 12.1.0 os9 XO-1.75 C2 SKU204.

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