#11828 HIGH 12.1.0: olpc UID has changed in 12.1.0

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Wed May 2 23:40:28 EDT 2012

#11828: olpc UID has changed in 12.1.0
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 prior to 12.1.0, the olpc user had uid 500.

 now olpc is uid 1000.   (12.1.0 os8)

 this matters when using olpc-update, since /home is preserved.  in my
 case, neither gnome nor sugar came up correctly:  gnome came up "blank" --
 just the background, no toolbar, and when sugar was selected (by removing
 .olpc-active-desktop), and X restarted, X wouldn't come up at all, but
 kept restarting.

 editing /etc/passwd and /etc/group back to 500:500 got things working.

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