#11734 LOW Not Tri: OFW XO-1.5 - funny display in emacs

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#11734: OFW XO-1.5 - funny display in emacs
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 OFW on XO-1.5 , many different versions of OFW going back to q3b03 and
 perhaps even earlier.  Type "ok emacs".  The initial screen display is
 strange - the white stripe below the blue text area is blue on the left
 side.  Also, unlike XO-1.75, the bottom line is blue instead of black.

 The problem goes away if you connect a serial port (which, perhaps
 coincidentally, has the side effect of disabling the camera).

 Typing "^L" to refresh the screen cleans up the display.

 Quozl has seen the same symptoms on his unit, and also says that the 'c'
 in MicroEMACS is odd.

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