#11708 NORM 11.3.1: sugar shell memory leak

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#11708: sugar shell memory leak
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 richard and i have both observed machines which, when allowed to sit for
 long periods, have huge python sugar processes.

 the attached logs are from a machine where the sugar shell was taking 41%
 of memory (385M virtual, 347M resident).   it was not suspending/resuming.
 it was associated to the "olpc" network at twine, and so there were both a
 lot of laptops in view, and a lot of networks in view.

 build is os30.

 when i picked up the machine (i hadn't touched it in at least several
 days), the touchpad was responsive, but the system would not respond to
 keystrokes or mouse clicks.  after a long time (30 seconds or a minute --
 long enough to have a conversation about the symptoms, the machine started
 responding, and is now behaving "normally".

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