#11384 NORM 12.1.0: x86 3.1 kernel: no wakeup reason support

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#11384: x86 3.1 kernel: no wakeup reason support
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Changes (by pgf):

 * cc: dilinger (added)


 yes.  the "no wakeup reason needed" approach has worked well (w/ one
 exception) on 1.75, so i think it's on my plate to instrument the XO-1/1.5
 drivers the same way.  powerd has all of the infrastructure present

 the exception is libertas -- it wasn't as clear to me where to place the
 pm_wakeup_event() call, since interrupts aren't one-to-one with wakeup
 events.  i think they are while we're asleep, but once we're awake,
 getting an interrupt may be for a reason that wouldn't have woken us when
 asleep, and hence shouldn't abort a suspend in progress.   so currently,
 libertas wakeups don't provide wakeup events.  powerd "recognizes" them
 because they're the only possible wakeup event that isn't instrumented, so
 unknown wakeups must be wlan.  but this ignores the issue that an arriving
 packet can't abort a suspend.

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