#11690 NORM 12.1.0: OFW should size root partition to fill the disk

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Fri Mar 9 16:32:40 EST 2012

#11690: OFW should size root partition to fill the disk
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 currently when installing an image, ofw will create a boot partition and a
 root partition.  the root partition is sized to the filesystem it will
 contain (at least, that's the end result -- perhaps the partition is
 resized downward as a last step?).

 this may leave much of the disk unpartitioned, e.g., when installing a 4G
 image on an 8G disk.  to be able to take advantage of online resizing
 (which i believe has become faster), it would be best if the root
 partition filled all remaining space on the disk, even if the filesystem
 being installed is much smaller.

 (without this initial step, online resize becomes more complicated, since
 although linux can repartition, it won't use the new size until after a

 see also #10040

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