#11947 NORM Future : Handle connection failures better (was: Not all activities updated on first pass)

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#11947: Handle connection failures better
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Changes (by dsd):

  * milestone:  12.1.0 => Future Release


 This is because one (or more) of the mirrors in the SL rotation often
 produces "Connection refused". we've also been bitten by this while
 building OS images. So this is something we'll also see on old OS builds -
 not a regression.

 There are two possible manifestations:

 Firstly, when the updater downloads the initial activity list, it first
 makes a quick request to each activity file to be downloaded (to figure
 out file size). If the connection fails at this moment, the update won't
 even be shown in the update list presented to the user.

 Secondly, if the initial connection succeeds but when coming to actually
 download the file, the connection fails, the activity will not be updated
 and will re-appear in the available updates list later, but with no
 indication of this condition.

 We should improve on this in future.

 Also, I'm going to try and figure out which mirror causes "connection
 refused" so much and write to SL admins.

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